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The Wife and I in Gran Can-taking it easy!
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Monday, 3 September 2007

Credit Card Debt

Credit Card Debt as a silent financial killer
By John Caldecott.

Technology spoils people’s whims. It tends to cater to every human’s caprices. It feeds on the people’s undying

thirst for easy, instant, and convenient. More often than not, it also causes them a lot of trouble—financial

trouble through credit card debt—that is.

Credit Card convenience vs. Credit Card debt

We often see people pull out “plastic” to pay for everything they need. Why not? When all it takes is a quick swipe

of the card through a little electronic box and a signature then, everything’s okay. You go home happy, content, and

almost worry-free. On the other hand, not every one of these people realize that the convenience of using credit

cards can lead to a false feeling of financial security. And this realization will strike them as soon as the bills


In fact, studies show that credit card debt and personal bankruptcies have increases bank profits to the highest

level in the last five years. It only shows that more and more credit card holders were unable to manage their

finances that lead to credit card debt. If you are a cardholder and having some credit card debt troubles at this

early stage, it’ now time to think over the possible outcomes of this minor glitch so that a more serious problem

with credit card debt would cease to arise.
Credit card gives people the feeling of invincibility. And it also gives them tons of uncertainty about their

financial management capability when they encounter problems with their credit card debt. Although it is true that

that credit cards solve financial matters especially when it comes to safety and convenience, credit cards also

creates hassle especially when the person using it doesn’t know what you he or she’s getting into.

Indeed, paying off credit card debt may take a long time especially if the person has high interest rates. But, it

doesn’t mean that you can do nothing about efficient management of credit card debt. When you find yourself

overwhelmed with credit card debt, don’t fall into a pit of depression. You can get through it with discipline and a

change in spending patterns. Start eliminating problems with credit card debt by getting tips and techniques on how

to pay off your balances easier, how to consolidate of frequently encountered problems, look for free debt

consultation agencies that can help you, and try—inch by inch—to rediscover ways on how you can regain your

financial freedom by reducing you credit card debt.

The power to eliminate credit card debt

People who are having problems managing their credit card debt or those who are near in bankruptcy often don’t

realize that the power to eliminate their credit card debt troubles totally is in their hands. Today, more and more

Americans need credit card debt help badly. The main problem is that these families are having difficult times

paying high interest for credit card debt. And instead of lifting the burden of credit card debt, more people are

paying much in interest every month than that of the actual expenditure.

There are actually more lawful and moral ways to zero-out thousands of dollars in credit card debts. And if you only

take the time to research and know your rights and how bankruptcy laws have changed, you will discover that there

are valuable facts to eliminate credit card debt. Actually, the possibility of reducing or eliminating the high

interest credit card debt is now more possible when a person takes action to get his or her finances back on track.

Apart from knowing your weapon in terminating credit card debt, it is very important that you develop a sense of

control and perseverance first. Since credit card debt elimination process requires organization, clarity, and

commitment to your own growth, it is a must that you are ready for the responsibility and to stand free and


For those people who consider having a credit card indispensable but afraid of getting one because of the

possibility of credit card debt nightmare, you must remember that credit card can be a powerful tool in managing

your finances but there will always be glitches when not used properly. Of course, there are countless reasons why

you should and shouldn’t get one depending on your needs. Whether you decide to get one or not, managing finances it

still takes a sense of good budgeting, willingness to change spending habits, and the humility to avail low interest

consolidation loans when you are already burdened by too much credit card debt.

Godbless, John Caldecott.

PS. Below are a few Opportunities that will help you with Paying Off all that Credit Card Debt!

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Credit Card Processing

How fast is your credit card processing?
By John Caldecott.

Are you ready to swipe your credit card for the very first time? Really? Or are you already on your way to your

second credit card? By the way, do you know it takes ages for you to get your credit card processed?  

Well, for starters let’s look into the credit card processing stage of your application and why does it take you

ages to have that other card.

The first thing that your bank looks into in the stage of credit card processing is the account that you have in

other credit card companies. Normally this part of the credit card processing stage—this is where people in banks

get down and dirties with their records and other companies’ records. This would also include how long was the

credit card processing stage when you applied for your other cards. This usually means that your bank is trying to

find out how much your worth really is. This is the part where they categorize you in subgroups. This also usually

means that it’s either you’re a good payer or they would have a have time chasing after you state to state.

If this happens in the credit card processing stage, the bank would usually require you to give them an alternate

address where they send you the bill, by the way this just means that they want to be sure that you are going to

pay! And if you get past this stage of the credit card processing with minor injuries to your ego, the next step

will be to find out if you have any unpaid balances or other credit card processing with other banks. This just

means that they are trying to find out how cards are able to for and you’ll be able to pay for theirs once you’ve

passed the credit card processing stage. They usually do this to counter check if you do have the capacity of paying

for a number of credit cards so they won’t get stuck a person that cant. And when you get passed this stage, still

with minimal damage to your ego, the next step in the credit card processing stage is to verify your identity as a

US citizen.

Because of the US Patriotic Act, everyone trying to get anything in the US is required to have their identities

verified because they don’t want terrorist getting anything inside US soil especially getting past credit card

processing. And the last part of getting past the credit card processing is to have all the things they need to

check in order and to meet the standards of their company, in a nutshell, to get a credit card and to get through

credit card processing, you must have other credit cards that are active. Two, you must be a good payer and three

you must not have a last name that sounds like you are from Afghanistan—that is. Anyway, you might be having

problems when it comes to your credit card processing, most it the time, it’s worth the wait. Credit cards is great

financial tool is used correctly and properly. It will enable the credit card holder to manage his or her finances.

Having a credit card also ensure not only your money and your life as well because it is very convenient compared to

carrying cash or checks every time you have to buy or pay for something.

Godbless, John Caldecott.

PS. Below are a few Opportunities that will help you with Paying Off all that Credit Card Debt!

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UK Credit Cards

Guide to Acquiring UK Credit Cards
By John Caldecott.

All credit cards come in many shapes, colors and sizes. They come in different types and brands with their own list

of great deals to offer. UK credit cards are not different from these. When you apply for a UK credit card online,

there are three easy steps you can follow. First, you can search through the list of UK credit cards you might find

while surfing the net. Then, you can compare the rates and the fees of these UK credit cards side by side and

prepare for the process of elimination. After you have weighed the pros and cons and the advantage and disadvantages

of your top choices, you can now make the final decision, which among the UK credit cards offered would best suit

your needs. Then, you may proceed with your UK credit card application by filling out the form online.

Things you should know before getting UK credit cards
Indeed, "plastic" has tremendously redefined the way people spend their money. In the US alone, more and more

Americans are using credit cards because of the financial convenience it brings. When it comes to the UK, studies

show that the Britons owe hundreds of millions in credit card debts. Being a flexible and accessible method of

acquiring credit, various UK credit cards are being offered by major lenders to provide ultimate convenience to the


Applying for UK credit card can be both easy and difficult at the same time. Well, it can be surprisingly easy

compared to spending the money itself. Getting a UK credit card is quite as easy like splurging your bucks on

shopping spree. But, the difficult part when you have a UK credit card or any other credit card for that matter, is

when the monthly bill arrives. Before getting a UK credit card, make sure to visit some guide and glossary so you

will have all the information you need. Searching for important tips before you choose your UK credit card will help

you become educated in your purchasing decision. Being informed before filling out for a UK credit card application

will also help you reduce the possibility of getting stuck up in a credit card debt trap.

Reading some tips will also help you decide for yourself which among the list of UK credit cards would best suit

your financing needs. You can choose the right UK credit card by comparing their features, interest rates, and

benefits. Among the UK credit cards available, you should find the credit card with 0%, has the best rates and APR

for balance transfers or purchases.  Most importantly, never forget to look for the UK credit card with lowest rates

by reading the descriptions carefully before you apply for a credit card online.

Top UK Credit Cards
Since more than half a million pounds are spent on UK credit cards every minute-amounting to tens of billions spent

each year-it is very important to choose the best credit card for you. Here are some of the top UK credit cards

available. With their own sets of great deals to offer, it's up to you, which among these UK credit cards is best

for you. First among the list is Marbles. It offers up to 52 days' interest free credit, 0% balance transfers for

the 1st 6 months, and 14.9 % APR. If you're the type of person who wants almost everything customized, this UK

credit card lets you choose what your card will look like. It also lets you manage your account online. This UK

credit card is designed in one of the safest and secure credit card systems around.

If you are looking for a UK credit card that offers from 0% APR on balance transfers, from 15.9% APR on card

purchases, no annual fees, and a free 24-hour help line, then you might want to try Virgin Card. This UK credit card

can actually be your exclusive pass to an exclusive online membership online stuffed with great money-off deals.
Another is the Egg Card that automatically gives you free purchase in transit protection for items. You can actually

pay for all or part of your fare using this UK credit card plus the benefit of free personal travel accident

Apart from that, the customers also get a 10% discount on home and travel insurance policies when they use this UK

credit card. The GM platinum card, on the other hand, offers 14.9 % APR, 0% per annum on balance transfers and

purchases for 5 months, and online account management. The best thing about this UK credit card is that the holder

will receive a 100 free Rebate Points the first time you use it. This unique reward scheme makes this UK credit card

more fun compared to others.

After weighing all the pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, you may now choose the best UK credit card for


Godbless, John Caldecott.

PS. Below are a few Opportunities that will help you with Paying Off all that Credit Card Debt!

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Chase Credit Card

Chasing a Chase Credit Card?
By John Caldecott

Credit cards indeed have become one of most indispensable tools in managing finances nowadays. Aside from being an

effective way of obtaining credit, credit cards also make it easier for people to spend their money the right way.

That is why making the crucial decision of choosing the right credit card should be paid more attention.

One of the most popular brand names of credit cards in the market today is the Chase credit card. Like any other

credit cards, Chase credit card is a brand name of credit card like MasterCard or Visa that is accepted worlwide.

Aside from Chase credit card, the company also offers travel cards, Auto & Gas cards and student cards. Indeed,

there are a number of ways in which Chase credit card can be advantageous and beneficial. Probably, the best feature

Chase credit card has is the convenience it offers to busy and working people. A Chase credit card is also perfect

for customers who are comfortable online. Aside from making it easy for the customer to maintain their account

online, Chase credit card lets you check your balance and pay your bills through a secured web site.

Having a chase credit card is quite convenient for the customer because it lets the credit card holder purchase

goods easily and quickly whether they buy it directly, over the phone, or even on-line. Since Chase Credit cards are

international cards, it is beneficial for people who travel a lot because they can use it all over the world

wherever they see the Chase credit card logo.

More and more people are choosing a Chase credit card because it offers a lot of credit card processing

alternatives. Because Chase credit cards offers a wide array of processing options, many people appreciate it

compared to other brands. One of the most enticing offer Chase credit cards has is that it is available in numerous

places. Chade credit  cards also offer many deals and promotions like lower introductory APRs and waived membership

fees that allow the holder to save more money.

There are alos many types of Chase credit card that offer reward programs for every purchase the holder makes. For

instance, one type of Chase credit card allows you to earn travel miles for every dollar spent using your your Chase

credit card. Another type of Chase credit card also allows you to earn reward points for every dollar you spend.

These points will then enable you to purchase from a Chase credit card catalogue and they will have your chosen item

shipped to right next to your doorstep! These reward options you get from using a Chase credit card are great

because it will give your tangible gifts and rewards, free trips and wonderful merchandise without spending a single

cent. A Chase credit card is handpicked by many people because its company makes sure that they give good customer

service to its customers. Aside from getting all the great deals the card offers, having a Chase credit card can

also give the holder instant access to customer support around 24/7. This will enable the customer to contact

someone if his or her Chase credit card is stolen. Apart from this round-the-clock feature, Chase credit card also

protects its customers from identity of thieves.

When you apply for Chase credit card, some of the benefits include 0% intro APR on all purchases and balance

transfers you make for up to six months. Chase credit card does not charge any annual fee so it will fit your budget

and, a Chase credit card have interest-free grace period as long as you pay your bill in full each month. Having a

Chase credit card also allows the holder to earn cash rewards on purchases and cash rewards. Apart from these, chase

credit card has no balance transfer fee for balances transferred during the introductory period and you have the

privilege to apply online over a secure server.

Although it offers a lot of advantages, bear in mind that a chase credit card it is still a credit card. And like

any other credit cards, there are also a number of ways in which chase credit card usage can be less positive.

Godbless, John Caldecott.

PS. Below are a few Opportunities that will help you with Paying Off all that Credit Card Debt!

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Credit Card Offer

How to deal with credit card offer. By John Caldecott.

If you’re a person who carries a balance, credit card offer might be the least thing on your mind right now. Credit

card offer, no matter how enticing and convenient it might seem, may be the most expensive loans made by banks,

department stores, and gasoline companies for you.

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try not to give in to the temptation the credit card offers, material cravings can

sometimes be more powerful than the will of the mind. No matter how hard you try to resist the convenience and

leisure the credit cards offer, you cannot help but to indulge. And the moment the credit card issuer offers you a

card you can hardly wait for t to be approved and to use it to pay for items and services you fancy.
To avoid going beyond your credit limit, by now, you should know when to resist and indulge into the convenience the

credit cards offer. Knowing how much the service provider or the store merchant collects from what you owe to your

card issuer, you shouldn’t allow yourself spend what you don’t think you cannot pay. Or, by now, you should learn

how to pay off what you owe each month, as long as you pay a minimum amount each time because this is what you get

from what the credit card offers: interest on the balance you owe at the end of each period if do not pay the full

balance every time your bill arrives.

If you are having problems saying “no” to credit card offers, the most effective way to prevent yourself in engaging

into another compromise is a little bit of truth serum—how much credit card issuers get from the transaction you

engage with them. Although credit card offers the almost priceless campaign ultimate convenience, think about this:

the people who offer credit cards generate high profits from the people they have issued the card. Basically,

reciprocal to what the credit card offers, is the high rate of interest. The convenience credit card offers

sometimes no longer mounts up to the interest on credit cards alone but also from the bulk of accounts the bank

profits for every credit card issued.

There are also those companies that charge an annual fee as part the credit card offer. But most of these companies

sometimes charge late fees, over-the-limit fees, and other “miscellaneous” charges that the credit card holder often

mistook as part of the service charge. Now, knowing how much you really “contribute” to the companies’ profit every

time you pay what the merchant charges or every time you pay the fees to service providers—would you still be

blinded with what the credit card offers?

What you can do

Wanting to breakaway from the habitual indulgence to credit card offer? Here are some tips that can help you veer

away from the constant misleading promises and overwhelming credit card offer. Before you give in to what a certain

credit card offers, think first what’s the purpose of filling out an application for a credit card and why do you

need it and how sure are you that you can comply with the conditions of having another card. If ever your needs

really demand for a credit card, then you must look for the most suitable type that will work best for your specific

situation. Sometimes it is not enough to shop around for credit cards based of what they offer. More often than not,

it pays to understand the terms of what the credit card offers before you getting the card. You must also take time

to review the disclosures of terms and fees might appear on credit card offers you receive.

If you are really a person who cannot say “no” to numerous credit card offers, you must learn to pay bills

punctually so the interest and charges are as low as possible. It also pays to read monthly statements while keeping

the copies of sales receipts so you would compare the charges.
Indeed, having a credit card has become ingrained in the consumer’s psyche. That’s why it is imperative that people

understand clearly the responsibilities of being a credit card holder and not juts base their assumptions on what

the credit card offers.

Godbless, John Caldecott.

PS. Below are a few Opportunities that will help you with Paying Off all that Credit Card Debt!

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Low APR credit card

Maximizing the potentials of a low APR credit card. By John Caldecott

Indeed, if a credit card is used properly, it can be the most powerful financial tool. But not everybody can afford all the expensive rates of most credit card issuers offer.

This is where the low APR credit card ushers in—to help people who plan to maintain a balance on their account and not to pay the full amount monthly. But, what does APR

stands for in a low APR credit card?

Basically, APR is the cost of credit as a yearly interest rate. APR stands for “Annual Percentage Rate” of charge can be used to compare different credit and loan offers.

The APR on credit cards is usually calculated monthly based on the current amount in the card.

The monthly interest is calculated as if the current card balance would remain
the same over a year; the interest on the amount over a year (APR) is worked out and divided by 12 to give the monthly interest.

It is a must that all lenders tell the client what their APR is before signing any agreement.

Although the arrangements and terms may vary from lender to another, it is better for people to avail a low APR credit card because the lower the APR, the better the deal for them to spend more money in shopping around.

Why choose a low APR credit card?

Low APR credit card is a good choice for those people who are into a tighter financial budgeting.

Being the most important attribute of a credit card, APR determines the significant balance over a longer period of time.

In a low APR credit card, the amount of interest one must pay on his or her credit card balance depends on its APR because the lower the APR is, the better it is him or her because it means they have to pay less interest.

APRs in a low APR credit card can either be “fixed” or “variable.”

If you are planning to have a low APR credit card, there are so many cards that offer low APRs that can be found online.

These low APR credit cards are chosen using a factoring scheme that organized these cards by computing a number of their attributes to place the best deals at the top.

Some of the questions one have to ask when looking for a low APR credit card includes the charges—if they vary or a fixed rate; and if these charges are variable because it might affect the repayments and if these rate are fixed or will it stay the same.

Searching for a low APR credit card may also include inquiries on the possibility of any
charges that are not included in the APR like optional payment protection insurance or an annual charge.

If there are any, make sure that you understand what they are and when do you have to pay them.

Lastly, looking for a low APR credit card should include questions on the conditions of the credit and how would these conditions suit you.

 If you are now seeking for a low Apr credit card you may begin looking for a scheme that could help you save hundreds in interest with a low interest credit card and low cost processing.

Most low APR credit card offers 0% APR for the first months on purchases, cash advances, and balance transfers.

Through these, low APR credit card can warn rebates towards any item purchased.

They also offer $0 liability on unauthorized purchases, and no annual fees.

Some low Apr Credit Card that have very good intro rate for purchases is recommended for those who would want to avail one.

They also offer good deals if one carry high balances on other cards and need to transfer the balance.

Indeed, having a credit card can be useful and convenient, and can even help build a strong credit history that will help you with future activities like home-buying, paying for higher education, and even finding a job.

But, before you apply for a card, consider the advantages and disadvantages especially with the current financial situation you are in.

Godbless, John Caldecott.

PS. Below are a few Opportunities that will help you with Paying Off all that Credit Card Debt!

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Credit card application

Credit card application for starters
By John Caldecott

“Plastic money” is a term dubbed by the people of the world in reference to the wondrous item called the “credit

card.” And at the rate the economy is going and with the pace of life that we have right now we want everything done

the express way. That’s why a lot of businessmen, young professionals, big bankers and even well-off students are

lining up inside their trusted banks, credit card application in one hand and the need to have instant credit on the other.

Of credit, cards and credit card application
Credit card applications have taken over the need to have cold cash and a lot of people are trading in their hard-

earned green bucks for a shot of having the charge-it-card. But along with your credit card application is the

responsibility that we are mainly unaware of. So when you are thinking about falling in line to get started with

your credit card account and before you start filling up the fields necessary to get up and running with your credit

card application know all the precautions and the counter measures for you to be protected by the federal law.

Credit card application, as we all know takes a lot of time with regards to the verification of the identity of the

person on top of the credit card application. Because of the US Patriotic Act that requires further verification of

anyone applying for anything on the United States, that includes credit card application, getting anything in the US

has become quite a chore. But since the importance of having a credit card is top priority in the US many are still

willing to go to immense amount of trouble that is coupled with it.

The importance of having a credit card is very imminent; take for example the average American. An average American

from the middle class bracket owns about eight to ten different credit cards and uses all of them at an average if

once a day. With this number it’s not surprising that there are about a hundred thousand credit card applications

being processed in a single day. And the rate if credit card applications are still expected to rise within the next

quarter. The need for credit cards and debit cards is for real and the market should be open for more credit card

applications that is expectedly going to flood their way. There will be a great need for more people to look into

the responsibility of educating other people on how and when to use their credit cards, because it’s hard earned

greenbacks that we are throwing away when we buy online porno and junk like that only profit a few people. So

whenever you’re ready grab a pen and paper and get ready to fill up that credit card application form and take one

step in the express charging the way you buy.

Most of the time, although your credit card application is mailed to that states that you have been pre-approved,

you will still be asked to fill out a credit card application or the ‘acceptance form’. The reason behind this is

the need of the bank or the company to verify the identification of the person they have sent the card to. Since

most companies offer online credit card application, you may go online to fill out the form so the processing will

be convenient and easier.

When filling out your credit card application, there are some important details that should be considered aside from

your name and contact information like the query should you accept every offer or not, the possibility of hidden

fees that can be quite expensive and the like.

Godbless, John Caldecott.

PS. Below are a few Opportunities that will help you with Paying Off all that Credit Card Debt!

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Sunday, 2 September 2007

Remember Me?

What You Need To Know to Apply for a Credit Card
By John Caldecott.

One of the disadvantages of modern times is that people tend to acquire so many things they don’t really need. Numerous gadgets and services occurred targeting a vast market of consumers and this emergence of various inventions somehow blinded people.

Since finances—especially money—is one of the major concerns of many people, a wide array of financial management services and financial options emerged. One of the most visible among the unending line of financial management services there are is the credit card.

Although many people testify for the financial convenience you get when you apply for a credit card, it doesn’t mean that every financing convenience applies for you or for everybody in that matter.

When people apply for a credit card, there is always a reason. It can be for managing their finances, needing extra money or in preparation to a big expenditure. But, no matter what the reason is, people apply for a credit card because of the ultimate convenience it brings. By now, you may have had your share of ‘pre-approved’ credit card offers in your virtual and physical mail. Since people are quite vulnerable when they apply for a credit card, some credit card issuers lure these people by giving low introductory APR, no annual fee offers among numerous perks. The tendency of this so many alternatives and “value” deals is to sway the person who wants to apply for a credit card.

There are undeniably endless lists of pros and cons when you apply for a credit card, but if you really have decided to apply for a credit card, these are some of the helpful tips that can guide you on your credit card shopping journey.

Actually, there are three easy steps you should follow if you have decided to apply for a credit card. First, surf the net and do some research on credit cards. By doing this, you can familiarize yourself with different credit card terms and types. Second, you can compare numerous credit cards that would best serve your needs and lastly, you may now apply for the credit card of your choice by filling out a credit card application by visiting a bank representative or through online.

In order to find the right credit card fast and easy, first, before you apply for a credit card, make sure you mastered the credit card terms. When you apply for a credit card you must know what a “credit card” really is. Being a form of borrowing that involves charges, credit cards usually have underlying credit terms and conditions affect your overall cost. So, it’s best to compare terms and fees before you apply for a credit card and agree to open an account. Some of the important terms to be understood well include the annual percentage rate or the APR.

When you apply for a credit card, you must know how the APR affects your credit account. Being a measure of the cost of credit expressed as a yearly rate, the APR should be disclosed before you apply for a credit card so that you would not be obligated on the account and on your account statements later on. Aside from APR, the periodic rate must be disclosed to the card holder before they completely apply for a credit card so they would have an idea of their outstanding balance and finance charge for each billing period. Other important terms to know before you apply for a credit card are free period or “grace period,” annual fees, transaction fees and other charges, other costs and feature, and balance computation method for the finance charge like average daily balance, adjusted balance, previous balance, and two-cycle balances. If you’re not that type of person who is patient enough to research on all these terms, make sure that before you apply for a credit card, the issuer will give an explanation how the balance is computed and it must appear on your monthly billing statements.

Godbless, John Caldecott.

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