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Mistakes in article marketing...

Mistakes in Article Marketing you do not want to get into
By John Caldecott.

One of the well-kept secrets in getting web site traffic is Article Marketing. Ask those who have done this and they will tell you that is correct and tested.

But then not understanding the basic principles behind article marketing will bring what proved to be an effective marketing campaign down the drain. Taking with it all your efforts and otherwise quality articles.

What are some common mistakes that people make with Article Marketing?

1. Not being clear on who the target audience is.

A lot of writers and publishers make the most common error of not defining first what their target market is before writing out their content.

This differs them from the more successful article marketers who already have a clear idea on what their niche market is even before the thought of the article is conceived.

The two aspects needed in targeting your niche is to be narrow and profound. It is preferable to choose an audience with a specified and foremost interest in a certain topic.

2. Making use of spam out of sheer desperation.

In their desperate need of getting to more than the usual number of consumers, authors tend to target just about everyone.

They do get published in all category of newsletters or ezines but not for long. In the long run, the owners of those publication will remove their articles from the copies in the assumption that they are spam.

So instead of saving time and resources, you actually get nothing and have to start over from scratch. What’s more, your reputation is the one at stake. Think of the credibility that you suddenly lost by doing something you thought people will not notice.

3. Inappropriate titles or headlines.

If your headlines do not grab the attention of your readers instantly, it will not matter if you are best writer in the Internet. You will end up a loser.

Authors should spend some time thinking up titles that will work. This simply means that titles should attract the attention of visitors the instant they set their eyes on it. That is why the time spent on the content of the article should be the same as the time you have to put in thinking of a good title.

Which would you rather have? An outstanding article that has lame words for a title or an ordinary article with an eye-catching one?

In case you are not aware of it, the ordinary article will probably make more sales than the better one. Ask yourself why.

4. Think of your readers first before you think about yourself.

Most writers may have passed the first stages with flying colors but this is where they blow it. All because they think of themselves first and foremost.

In article marketing, you are not writing for yourself. You are writing for your readers. You cannot just go about and write topics you want. On the contrary, you need to write about the your market’s topic of interest.

To be an effective article marketer is to give your audience what they want. Your audience does not really care if you have won an award in writing or if you are a well known author. All they care about is that your articles should deliver what they need. And that they should have a use of your articles.

Do as they say.

5. Check you spelling and grammar.

Ok, granted that you have just written one of the best article ever read by people. But one thing you did not notice is that one word was spelled incorrectly. Once your readers have spotted this, all admiration and awe is immediately erased. Your article will then be classified as one of the low class ones.

If you do not want your articles to be disposed as something not worth reading, have them spell checked first before publishing. What is a minute or so of checking out for errors. Even if you blame them on machine typos, readers will always think it was you.

Once you understand the essence behind article marketing, you will never think of other means of generating traffic again. Just do not go overboard and start abusing your position as the author.

John Caldecott.

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Article Marketing is all about Titles.

Article Marketing is all about Titles.
By John Caldecott.

For the many authors who do not yet know how to make Article Marketing work for their

business, they are actually wasting all their time and efforts. A total waste.

Why? Because even though you are producing quality articles, they are not really getting

near enough your targeted market.

For those who have been taught about copywriting outside the online world, they would know

that the title or headline is one thing that will determine if the content will be

successful or not.

In books, for example, the first thing that people see is the title. And people, being

critical, have the tendency to judge the whole book just from the title. They will even get

to the point where the headline alone will make them buy or not buy that book. This is the

same thing with online print ads.

But it is a different case with article marketing. In article marketing, your articles are

targeted to audiences that have an interest in them. This is the basic idea behind

distributing one online. You have to make sure that your article marketing will be seen

consumers and potential consumers alike.

One of the most common misconceptions about articles online is that people will just read

them at random just like they do with books or any printed materials they see offline.
So with article marketing, you are assuming that people will just randomly check out your

article once they see it posted.

This is wrong. Visitors online do not just chance upon anything on the Internet. They are

there in the first place to look for or they need something. When looking for the things

they need, they do not just get into the first website they see.

Most of them will probably use the search engines to achieve what they are looking for.

Chances are, they will choose one of the more popular search engines and type in the

keywords related to the topic they need there. Then the search engines will display the

results found.
Your goal now in article marketing is for your articles to be prominent in the search


How do you make this possible?

By using the right title.

The success of your article will be based on the first 3-4 words of your title. It will

determine how much traffic your article will get back to your website. This can only be

attained when you have created keyword-rich titles that will match the most common keywords

related to your content.

To know what are the rich keywords and the right ones that you should use for your

articles, it would be best to use a keyword research tool. Some of this software is free

but some are not. Try to look for the sites that are offering this software. It will prove

to be a valuable tool needed for successful article marketing.

It is vital that you learn and understand how to go about keyword research whether or not

you are using a web-based research tool or not.

When choosing a headline or title for your article, try not to include rubbish characters.

These are quotes, asterisks or anything that search engines will find difficult to

understand. You would not want them to discard your articles totally just because they

cannot make any sense out of your title.

Also, do not get into some of the search engine spam technique of giving out keyword-rich

titles that are in no way related to your articles. You will just get into big trouble once

the search engines have filtered out people doing these things.

If you want to get the most out of your article marketing strategy, you must master keyword

research so that you can make keyword rich and clever article titles or headlines.
Your pay off will be huge amounts of traffic to your articles and website thanks to the

search engines who love reading titles.

There is really no great secret to having a successful marketing strategy. Once you know

some of the important factors that are needed to make it work, there will be no stopping

you from getting the customers you want and the search engine position you sought.

Godbless, John Caldecott.
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Article Marketing

Do you know what Article Marketing can do for your business?
By John Caldecott

One of the most incredible strategies ever to be incorporated with online advertising is

Article Marketing.

It has proven to be the most cost-efficient and most effective of them.

By the term itself, you probably would know what this kind of marketing is about.

By writing articles that are content-rich, you will be able to reach more people online.

Not only that, you will be able to project a credible image to those who may have chanced upon

your articles.

With the internet now reaching world-wide market, there is a higher possibility of you

getting the attention and interest of potential customers. This is what article marketing

can do. If you have not been using this in your business, you are missing more than you


How does article marketing work?

Here is a guided tour on the step-by-step process of article marketing that will guide you

on your way to achieving the kind of articles needed for your kind of business.

To start with, you need to premium a quality, informative and 300 minimum word article

about a certain topic related to your business.

For example, if your business is about family living, you can write an article that delves

on how to spend more quality time with families. Never write about something that is not

even closely related to your niche.

After you have the content written, you can now include a resource box at the end of the

article. The resource box is basically a brief summary about you, your business and with a

link that goes right to your website.

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Putting a link to your site in the resource box would is making it possible for many people

who would get to read your article. This could essentially result to a large amount of new

traffic to your site.

Then it is time to submit your articles to as many article directories you can find. Over

the Internet, you can find various article directory sites. There are paid and free sites.

If you are on a budget, you may opt for the free submissions being offered. But if you have

money set aside for your article marketing, paying for the submission sites is also a wise


Whenever somebody reads your article displayed on directories, the link that leads to your

site is prominent enough for the readers to be able to check them out once they find your

article interesting. This way, there is a big probability of you gaining more customers

whenever find what they are looking for in your site.

There is also a chance that your article would get picked up by a printed publication, and

the readership of the same would get to know the products or services which your business


You should know that article directories are being displayed on various websites. They are

seen by millions of people all over the world. This apparent visibility also makes it

easier for search engines to index them.

The technique behind article marketing is back linking. Back links are links to your

websites that you have somehow displayed on sites with higher page ranks. To put it simply,

your site is basically sharing instant success with the sites you are linking to.

Getting indeed by search engines can be a long and trying process. Oftentimes, the result

takes days or months before being acknowledged. There are even cases where, after waiting

for a long time, the result you will be getting is not the one you expected. This is the

main reason why Internet marketers have resorted to back linking. You cannot get this

instant online recognition in the shortest of time and without too much effort anywhere


You can always hire a ghostwriter to write your articles for you if you cannot write your

own articles or do not have the time for them. The price rate for writing articles is from

3 to 10 dollars.

With all the advantages being presented by article writing, there is no doubt why this has

become one of the most often used Internet marketing strategy.

Try to do some article marketing for your site and see the positive results it will bring

to your site.

John Caldecott.

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