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So you think the UK Driving Secrets 2008 guide is limited to just speeding tickets, parking fines & the courts?


You don't get to spend 20 years as a traffic police officer and not learn a whole bundle of tricks that most of the UK simply have NO IDEA about. It's a perk of the job. And now YOU can take advantage of this knowledge for your own gain!

You'll discover the following UNBELIEVABLE SECRETS:

Why you should NEVER hand over your licence if stopped by the police
(...EVEN if you have it with you!)
How far over the speed limit you can go WITHOUT risking detection.
... The answer may SURPRISE you!
How you can make a claim against an UNINSURED driver.
... This one piece of information alone could save you thousands of pounds!
How to get FREE motor insurance with up to £100,000 worth of cover
... from the Government!
Why "leaves on the line" can be the motorist's BEST FRIEND!
Everything you need to know about the December 2003 mobile phone regulations
How to AVOID a FINE if you are told to produce your MOT certificate but don't have one
How you can claim compensation from the government if you are a victim of a hit-and-run driver... so long as you do ONE thing WITHIN FIVE DAYS of the incident occurring.
Find out how a company director discovered an amazing LEGAL loophole which means all his company's motorcycles can park on the footway in London with impunity!
SIX clever defences you can use if you are charged with driving in a bus lane


"Never realized there were so many loopholes in the law. Why didn't I know these already?

"I had two outstanding tickets, and I've been let off with both of them thanks to your [technique] and the [technique]. I'm so prepared for the future, I can't believe it. Please use this as a testimonial... Very satisfied!" -- D.Campbell, Oxon

The 'SECRET LOOPHOLE' hundreds of drivers are exploiting to give themselves immunity from speed camera tickets.


This technique is probably illegal, and is provided for information only!

How you can use the new Freedom of Information Act to FORCE the authorities to disclose information that YOU can use in your defence. Model letter included!

How a single mother got herself and 4,200 other motorists off a speeding ticket
... using a £5 disposable camera! Copying her method could save your licence!

The brand NEW scheme which gives you the chance to escape a fine & AVOID POINTS ON YOUR LICENCE , simply by attending a one-day course run by your local authority.

If you don't ASK about this, it's likely you WON'T be offered it!

A BLOW-BY-BLOW ACCOUNT of how one motorist took on the Scottish legal system over a speeding ticket and WON! You won't believe the incompetence he uncovered


TWO pieces of information every parking ticket MUST include to be valid.
If not, it will be unenforceable - as Barnet Council discovered to its cost!

How one driver got his speeding conviction OVERTURNED - by arguing that the speed camera was inaccurate because it was placed on a BEND!

How a recent case in Lincolnshire meant that 2,637 drivers penalised for speeding there had to have their convictions quashed.
If you have ever been caught by a speed camera at night, this is ESSENTIAL reading!

Godbless, John.

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