Friday, 5 December 2008

Does Prospect Response deliver responsive prospects?

Product Review: Does Prospect Response deliver responsive prospects?

I recently signed up for an excellent email promotion service called Prospect Response:

Prospect Response

We are all faced with mounting problems getting email out to our lists. Spam filters and places like AOL

are making it more and more difficult every day even to deliver legitimate messages in the process of

fighting spam.

Even though email marketing has been tainted by the endless flow of spam (and overzealous email filters),

email promotion need not be a frustrating experience any more.

Prospect Response ensures your message always gets there:

• They PAY your prospects to read your ads!
• You can get hundreds or even thousands of fresh leads every day!
• Each message is double-checked to ensure it does not trigger spam filters
• All email is delivered with personalized precision though proprietary technology
• The company works with ISPs to ensure your messages are not trashed into spammers' blacklists

and a lot more...

Bottom line: Your ads reach lots of responsive prospects. And makes you lots of profits.

Click here to sign up:==> Prospect Response
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