Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Concerns on buying cigar for smoking

Concerns on buying cigar for smoking
By John Caldecott

“Smokers do not grow old, they die young,” this is a dictum every Science and Health book may mention. It has

something to do with the health hazards a cigar could bring.
Throughout the ages, cigar smoking has been undisturbed by many health campaigns even with the numerous struggles

of battling against it, people seem not to totally feel the threat it gives to lives. It has been built-in with the

culture and culture is too tough to be metamorphosed. Even non-smokers are affected. Second-hand smoking poses

health risks more than what direct smokers have.
With the soaring growth of cigar advertising, more and more smokers are into the modern day picture. Smokers must

just make sure that they do it with moderation.
In looking for cigar, there are these qualities of a cigar that a smoker must consider in order to savor what a

stick of cigar could offer. When other things are best served when fresh, cigar and wine re-examines with this

line- “the older, the tastier”. The cigars must undergo the necessary process of fermentation before it could

really be of “good taste”.
What are the qualities of a good cigar that is worth your money?
It burns evenly all the way down when lit; it is of good quality because if it does not, it means that it

does not have a proper roll.
The cigar produces a firm ash while smoking; it is another sign of good quality. If the cigar has a firm

end, it also makes it a good one.
the cigar is of good quality and that it is made of one hundred percent tobacco. Some cigars are more of

the non-tobacco components like paper, glycerine or saltpete
No to lumpy cigars. You could check out if its lumpy or not by giving it a gentle squeeze. Also check the

wrapper. Refrain from picking cigars that have wrapper discoloration.
The general criterion of cigars that must be used in determining if it is good or bad is through the following:

body, flavor and aroma. In choosing the cigar for you, these three are the elements of gauge.
Cigars come in varied flavors like Spice, Cocoa or chocolate, coffee, not or wood. They also come in different

wrappers, fillers and binders.
A part of the history and culture, it could be really impossible to eradicate smoking cigar in the everyday

endeavor of people anywhere and everywhere.

Godbless, John Caldecott.

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