Tuesday, 18 December 2007

How to buy a good cigar

How to buy a good cigar
By John Caldecott

The smoking culture has been existent for ages and it has been one of the consistently growing market. Tobacco is

the major product related to the smoking industry. Tobacco is the source of cigar which is one of the must-haves of

males and even females especially in this modern times.
History tells that cigar smoking was common in the Latin American region which includes countries such as Brazil,

Mexico, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua. Same with Cameroon, Honduras, Indonesia and it includes Cuba and the United

States of America. These are also areas where a large quantity of tobacco was grown at first.
Christopher Columbus is said to be the first to introduce cigar in Europe. Ages after, cigar smoking has been

having this association with masculinity, high social status, liberalism- that makes cigar an interesting part of a

special smoker’s habits. In special occasions, it could be a good form of present for a friend, a colleague, a

boss, a patner… How do one buy a good cigar for a present?
Find out stores specifically smoke specialty stores that sell a great selection of cigars including those

which are extraordinary. Make sure not to neglect cigar quality.
Consider the smoking experience of the person you would want to give your present to. This would determine

if the size and diameter of the cigar would suit his or her taste. The cigar diameter is directly proportional to

the richness of the flavor. Cigars that are bigger in diameter and richer in taste are more appropriate for

“experienced” smokers. For “greenhorn” smokers, longer cigarettes with cooler smoke is commendable.
See to it that the cigar is of good quality and that it is made of one hundred percent tobacco. Some cigars

are more of the non-tobacco components like paper, glycerine or saltpeter.
Refrain from buying a lumpy cigar. Yopu could check out if its lumpy or not by giving it a gentle squeeze.

Also check the wrapper. Reffrain from picking cigars that have wrapper discoloration.
Make your present more special by adding up a cigar cutter or an ashtray that would impress the receiver.
Give it with sincerity of course.

There is nothing wrong with cigar smoking. Just see to it that it is being done in moderation.

Godbless, John Caldecott.

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