Sunday, 17 February 2008

I couldn't believe it was free either...

Stop me if you've said any of these:

"Wow. Another week, Another $500 product launch."

"Where is it going to stop? $1,000? $1,500? $2,500?"

"How come I can't find any Products where I
can 'Plug In' my Affiliate IDs, send traffic
and earn revenue?"

"I'm not a rocket scientist - I don't know the
difference between FTP and CPR."

"How can I get in on this 7 Dollar Craze without
developing my own product?"

"If that guys system is so good, why can't I
try it for free? Is he too scared to let me try
it because he thinks I won't buy it?"

Well, I've got the solution for you.


Before I let the cat out of the bag on this new product,
let me ask you a couple of questions

What would you be willing to pay for your very own
high traffic information product mall?

These are not just any information products. They
are the very popular 7 Dollar Products that have
been taking the Internet marketing world by storm!

What if we loaded hundreds of quality 7 Dollar Products
and you could earn up to 100% commission on each and every one?

And if I said there were residual revenue programs that
can earn you affiliate revenue on auto-pilot?

And what if I told you there was nothing to download,
install, no databases to configure, no updates to perform?

And if I told you you could get it for FREE. Zero!

And finally, even if you purchased all the UPGRADES
possible to unlock the full potential of this product,
if would cost less than $50. One Time (not Monthly)

So - Now I'm telling you that. All of it.


Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself



P.S. Richard is giving away over $60.00 in valuable bonuses (not the same garbage, but products he sells every day) - free just for signing up.)

P.P.S Richard has informed me that he can't keep giving these away... You should grab it now!

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