Sunday, 24 February 2008

There's a new AdSense and YPN rival!

Hi there, I just came across it today and had to tell you right away.

It's called Fair Ads Network. And it makes sense considering everything they've done to ensure not only the

advertiser benefits as much as possible, but also the publisher. There's no more unfair practices where the

publisher gets the boot every so often without warning and there's no more over-populated ads from the advertiser

and wasting their money.

I predict, in just the next several weeks, you'll hear about people becoming a FAN and not because they're some

popular rock band or well known celebrity, but because everyone is falling for their fair treatment. It's


FAN introduces the first ad network of its kind. You can earn an income regardless of whether you sign up as a

publisher or an advertiser. In fact, you can register as both! They didn't stop there though, you can even transfer

your funds back and forth as you please! They give you total control of everything.

FAN is a very unique species in that they MAKE you be active without putting a gun to your head just so you can

continue to make money every single month. The strategies and concepts applied to this ad network is beyond human

and should be investigated by NASA. Before they do though, perhaps you should scurry on over there first.

Another reason to go now is because they are only accepting a limited number of members! They are partnered with 2

multi-million dollar companies and backed by a handful of millionaires. They would not have that kind of support if

the potential is not there.

From one FAN member to a soon-to-be FAN, see you on the inside!

John Caldecott

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