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How to Sell High Priced Products Online and Offline

How to Sell High Priced Products Online and Offline
By Yanik
During my presentation at my recent Underground OnlineMarketing Seminar ( -
I talked about my own "Underground" secrets. One of the things I covered was how to sell super high-end products.

Personally, I've sold everything from $17 ebooks to$14,500.00 "Apprentice Programs" and lots in-between. Mymost recent high-end product is a $7,995/month program forcosmetic surgeons.
I really love high priced products and you'll see why in amoment...

First off, if you want to make $1M this year - then you'd have to sell 20000 copies of my 'doohickey' at $50. Or it could be 2000 copies at $500. Or better still 200 copies at$5000.
It's a lot easier dealing with 200 customers than 20,000.

Think of all the customer service and infrastructure, etc.Plus, as a general rule - the buyers of a high-pricedproduct or service are better buyers are easier to dealwith than someone who bought a $9.95 ebook and drives youcrazy.

The other thing is these customers pay more attention andrevere the information or product/service more. I'veattended $500 seminars and I've attended $10,000.00seminars. Which one do you think I was paying moreattention to? So having higher priced products is actuallybetter for your customers because they are more committed.Think about the last time you gave free advice to someone -what happen?

That's right. Nothing. But if you had madethem pay you for consulting - they would have taken it toheart.

But there's still more on the economics side...

With a higher priced product that means you have more moneyto advertise. If I'm going against someone selling a $19ebook and I'm selling a $199 home study course in the samemarket - who can spend more?
No contest, right?

My competitor can only go up to $19 (unless they've got aback-end product) but I can actually spend up to $199. Butwhat else does that let me do? I can come into amarketplace and suck up a big part of the resellers becauseI can give more commissions. Hey, that's the name of thegame for many affiliates. I can give them $100 to promotemy product instead of the measly $10 my competitor mightgive them.

And of course speaking of economics there's more money init for you. If you've got a high priced product thereshould be a very high margin built in. If not, raise theprice. I'm serious most people are undercharging for whatthey provide. My rule of thumb and one of my values I lookat it every morning in my planners says "I am rich byenriching others 10x - 100x what they pay me in return".

That's a big deal for me. If you pay me $1000 for a product- I want to make sure it delivers $10,000 in value for mycustomers. I suggest you consider something similar. Ifyour product isn't good enough for you to raise your priceon it - make it better!

Here are just some of the high-end products you could sellin the information marketing world (I've successfully soldall of these and taught many of my students how to do thesame):

* Live events like workshops and seminars

* "Big" boxes of manuals, CDs, DVDs, CDroms, etc

* High end facilitated group masterminds

* eClasses

* "Done it for them" services

* Coaching

* Reprint rights and licenses and many more...

And don't think high-priced products can only sell if youare selling 'how to make money' related products. I havestudents and friends doing very well selling high pricedproducts to the fitness marketplace, the dating markets,small niche obsessive-compulsive markets, self-help, careermarketplaces and many more.
Now a lot of people think selling high priced products area lot tougher than low-priced products. Not true. Youusually spend about the same effort trying to sell a high-priced product as a lower priced product.

Now when selling a high-priced product most people make themistake of just trying to "1-step" it. That means sendingpeople off to a webpage or sending them a sales letter andthen nothing more. Only a small percentage will buy thisway. I prefer lead generating where I get people to "raisetheir hands" and say "yeah I'm interested".

This way I cannow afford to spend more to chase those prospects. And it'snot enough to just email them follow-ups. I prefer to havea whole arsenal at my fingertips if needed like directmail, voice broadcast, telephone calls, postcards, etc.

If over-delivering on value - hold your breath and add anextra zero to your price. You'll thank me for it! ;)
(c) Surefire Marketing, Inc.
Yanik Silver is recognized as the leading expert on creating automatic, moneymaking websites...and he stilldoesn't know how to put up a website.

He is the author, co-author or creator of several best-selling online marketing books and tools, including thisupdated course for selling high-end products onine:

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