Tuesday, 4 March 2008

PayDotClickbankAlert - Join the Big Dogs!

Hope all is well - how is your online bizgoing? Are you moving forward as quickly as you had hoped? If not, there's a new tool that canchange that pretty quickly, and you can get ittoday for no outlay whatsoever...
My friends Tim Brechbill & Doug Champigny know that one thing holding people back isnot being privy to the big launches. As a result,by the time you know about new product to push, the Big Dogs have blasted it to their massivelists, leaving everyone else to fight for the leftover scraps...
But what if you knew about every new product loaded up into Clickbank and PayDotCom within24 HOURS of it being listed? Finally you can!You can get that information arriving in your Inbox every day - and not just a link to their site, but the actual product listings themselves,ready for you to push if it fits your e-zine, blogs or websites!
Imagine how much more you could make if yourinfo was the first time your list had heard ofthe products? Picture what it would do to your'street cred' with your people if you showed them new products before anyone else on a regular basis...
Think about the lists you're on - who are the few that always seem to know about the new stufffirst? The Big Dogs. Really, in most cases you don't really know anything about them - you onlyknow they're Big Dogs because they have the connections to always be amongst the first totell you about new launches, right?
So what will YOUR people think when you do thesame for them? Watch your conversions soar as they come to recognize you as a well-connected,in-the-know Big Dog - a person whose e-mails theyread every issue, because they get so much new info from every issue.
See you there!
Godbless, John.

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